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Cinema and the Arab World

On these pages you will find a range of services of free-lance author, curator and speaker Irit Neidhardt in the field of Cinema and the Arab World.

I deal with questions of production, presentation and reception of films with regards to aspects of Arab societies and politics, the European gaze on its neighboring region in the southern and eastern Mediterranean as well as facets of European-Arab cooperation. 
This includes subjects as the cooperation of both German States with the Palestinian Liberation Organization PLO in the 1970s and 1980s; the genre of the music video which is very popular in the Arab World; the critical-analytical examination of European funding of Arab movies; Arab women films from the years before the uprisings that started in Tunisia in 2010 or the question about the origin of the images we see from and about the war in Syria. 

To get a more precise idea about my services with regard to
- curating of film programs

- lectures and film talks
- workshops and tutorials
panel discussions
- moderations
- texts
you are invited to browse around this homepage. In each section you will find examples and references to previous activities. Learn about mec film, the distribution and sales company for films by Arab directors which I run or find information about me.

For requests, please contact me at the address below.

Most recent

Project Development Workshop of the Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung for International Cooperation 2017. (Foto: Aysegül Kandemir)

April the 25th at 17.00 CET - you can still watch the video online here
In the framework of the 12th ALFILM Home Edition: Genres Revisited: Visionary Imagery and Fragmented Narratives in Contemporary Arab cinema
Genre films are generally associated with mainstream cinema. Through their repetitive form and their often unrealistic content, their aim is usually to entertain an audience. But what happens when an Author decides to appropriate a particular genre, to use genre conventions to develop his/her own visual language, and to make taboo topics visible on the screen? The aim of this roundtable is to discuss the relationship of contemporary Arab film authors with genre films and the way genre conventions serve their discourse on historical, political, cultural and social questions.
Panelists: Ghassan Salhab, director THE LAST MAN and Larissa Sansour, director IN VITRO, Moderation: Irit Neidhardt

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