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The Media Majlis (Photo: NU-Q)

19.3.2019 at 19.00h at the Projection Theatre, The Media Majlis at Northwestern University in Qatar
The Final Stages: Viewership, Censorship and Distribution
How do you distribute films without cinemas? What is the danger of being limited to the festival circuit? What can film festivals offer beyond distribution? Who censors? How do you secure a market for your film? How do you get distributors on board? And when is the right time to do this?
These are by no means clear-cut and transparent questions—even to members of the film industry.
Join Arab film distributor Irit Neidhardt in discussion with a panel of creatives and practitioners as they try to shed light on the topics from multiple perspectives, including those of a Qatari filmmaker, film festival director, and international filmmaker. continue

Tue, 22.1.2019 um 19.00 at Freizeitheim Lister Turm, Walderseestr. 100, Hannover (Germany)
Oh Jerusalem! - On the Anchoring of Images on Palestine in European Everyday Culture
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