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Articles in cinema magazines and political journals (incl. online publications)

(2019) Oscar nominated: "Capernaum" and "Of Fathers and Sons". In: inamo97 | spring 2019, p. 51-52. online (in German)

(2018) Attac and Insult. On the Dispute over the Palestine-Films of Lebanese Director Ziad Doueiri. In:  inamo 95 | autumn 2018, pp. 32-34 (German). online

In spring 2017 the last part of a trilogy on Cinema Jenin was published
(2010) Reinventing Palestine: The Cinema for Peace in Jenin (German). In: inamo 63 | autumn 2010. Arabic, German
(2011) Cinema Jenin and no Peace. In: inamo 65 | spring 2011, pp. 63-66 (German). online
(2017) It's all over!: Cinema Jenin makes way for a Shopping Mall. In: inamo 89 | spring 2017, p. 52-54 (German). online

(2014) Politics of Exile, Global Sounds, Tropical Medicine. German-Arab Co-operation and the First World War. In: inamo 80 | Winter 2014 (German), online 

(2013) References of the PLO in German Archives. In: kinema kommunal 4/2013, issue 89, pp. 16-17. (PDF, German)  

(2013) Taking Stock. On Tunisian and Egyptian documentary films in the context of the current uprisings. First published in German at goethe.de; republished by Qantara.de English, Arabic, German

(2013) Art as Weapon. Heteronomy and Self-determination (German). First published in inamo 74 | summer 2013, pp 48-51. Reprint by Schattenblick, online at Linksnet 

(2012) Seize the Space, And Run With It. In: The European, for the debate "Art and Dissent", 29.5.2012

(2012) The Revolution Before The Revolution. Three Arab Women Film-Makers. In: FILM DIENST 8/2012, pp. 6ff. (German)

(2011) Signifiers of the Arab Spring - Films as Seismographes? In: goethe.de (German)

(2011) Blunt Yearning and Political Intervention. On Arab Video Clips. In: CARGO. Film/Medien/Kultur. Webmagazin, April 2011. (German)

(2005) Country of Production XY/Palestine, Aspect Ratio 48: 67. In: Palästina Journal, Berlin, Juli 2005 (German).

(2000) Palestine in Film. An Introduction to the Self-Concept and the History of Palestinian Cinema. In: Palästina-Journal III/2000. Berlin (German).

(1999) Sided Lights: Palestine on Celluloid. In: Film und Fernsehen III/IV. Berlin (German).