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TV-reviews for fr-online.de (in German)

Echo of the War. On "House without Roof" by Soleen Yusef and "Experiment Rojava in Syria. A Society Embarking" by Robert Krieg, 11.5.2019

Zaatari – Memories of the Labyrinth. On the homonymous film by Paschoal Samora, 24.7.2018

A Country Allegendly Outside History. On "Yemen – Chaos and Silence" by François-Xavier Trégan, 27.3.2018

Filmic Smoke Bombs. On "Nidal's List - Allah's Warriors in Europe" by Ahmet Senyurt und Ulrich Hagmann, 7.11.2017

Willful Simplification. On „Ashbal, the Child Soldiers of the Terror Militia“ by Thomas Dandois and François-Xavier Trégan, 26.6.2017 

Also Saviours take Party. On „The Last Men of Aleppo“ by Firas Fayyad, 6.6.2017 

Long Journeys in a Foreign Country. On „Mohammad Mustermann - Germany Your Refugees“ By Matthias Deiß, 13.3.2017

Jihad is Not a Bad Movie. On „The Secret History of ISIS“ by  Michael Kirk and „Baghdad – Devided City“ by Lucas Menget and Laurent van der Stockt, 31.8.2016 

To Take Life Into the Own Hands. On "Patience, Patience - You'll Go to Paradiese!" von Hadja Lahbib, 12.8.2016

Arabs only on Camels. On "Monuments of Eternity. Petra, Capital of the Desert" von Olivier Julien und Gary Glassman, 25.6.2016

Simple World View. On „Jihad, the Counter-Fire“ by Laetitia Moreau, 24.5.2016

Blurred Histroy. On „100 Years of War in the Middle East. The Secret Sykes-Picot-Agreement and its Fatal Aftermath“ by Alexander Stenzel, 17.5.2016

As if Women Could not Think. On „Road to Istanbul“ by Rashid Boushareb, 23.4.2016