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Film and book reviews

(2018) Anatomy of an Investigation. Review of Andreas Maus' feature documentary The Kuaför from Keupstrasse, in imano 94 | summer 2018 in the focus on the NSU, page 94.

(2017) Shawq (Longing) - The Syrian Ramadan-series about the abduction of Razan Zeytouneh. In: inamo 91 | autumn 2017, p. 67 (German), online

(2016) GIZ Guidebook: Finding a Suitable Islamist Partner. In: inamo 85 | Spring 2016, p. 71f., On: Schlumberger, Oliver; Gatter, Peer; Panissié, Danaë: Islamist and Jihadist Actors in Partner Countries of German Development Cooperation; [ed.] Programmbüro Interkulturelle Beziehungen mit islamisch geprägten Ländern; Institut für Politikwissenschaft Tübingen. - Eschborn: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), 2013. - 126 S. : Ill., 978-3-00-041118-2 online (German)

(2015) Salafism in Germany. Schneiders, Thorsten Gerald (ed.) (2014): Salafism in Germany Origins and Dangers of a Muslim-Fundamental Movement. transcript. 464 pages. ISBN 978-3-8376-2711-4. In: inamo 82 | summer 2015

(2015) Omar. In: inamo 82 | summer 2015, p. 68

(2014) Review: Neoliberalism and Global Cinema. Capital, Culture, and Marxist Critique. Kapur, Jyostna & Wagner, Keith B. (eds.) (2011): Neoliberalism and Global Cinema. Capital, Culture, and Marxist Critique. Routledge. 356 pages. ISBN 978-0-415-85414-6 In: Global Media Journal, German Edition (review in English)

(2012) On Love and On Lust. Jocelyne Saab's fiction film "Dunia". In: FILM DIENST 12/2012, pp. 14ff, Focus Islam and Film. (German)

(2011) Conformist Provocations. Remarks on Sherif Arafa's Terrorism and Kebab. In: Qantara 29.6.2011, English, Arabic

(2011) Cosmos of Subcultures. On Ahmad Abdalla's Microphone. In: Qantara.de 24.1.2011

(2011) The Difficulty with Taboos. Reflections on the Moroccan Filmdays in Berlin. In: Qantara 30.9.2011, English, Arabic

(2010) A New Take on an Old View of Palestine. On Julian Schnabel's Miral. In: Qantara.de.

(2010) Ajami In: imano 62 | summer 2010 (German).