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Manuals / Booklets

(2019) Funding Guide for Arab Producers. Compiled by Irit Neidhardt, produced by Beirut DC in partnership with Terrso (open source, no copy right). download pdf | view online

(2017) Text: The Documentary and the Arab: On Fictionalization and Emancipation. In the English original and the Arabic translation in: DOX BOX (ed.): Mapping Arab Documentary, pp. 33-46. In the framework of the greater study & scan Data is Beautiful (co-financed by the Transformation Partnership of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Media Support and the Ford Foundation).

(2012) Funding Guide for Arab Documentary Producers. Compiled by Irit Neidhardt for DOCmed, Beirut. Printed via Docmed/Beirut DC, online, pdf, updated edition winter 2012

(2012) Three Women en route (German). Material on the film Chaque Jour est une fête (Each Day is a Holiday / Kul Youm Eid) by Dima El-Horr, Lebanon 2009. DVD Booklet, editors trigon-film and EZEF, trigon-film dvd-edition 212.